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Plumbing Tips for the Spring Season in Rochester, NY


Rochester, NY Homeowners, Spring is here, and summer is coming. You must check your home’s plumbing system for leaks and other problems before summer in Rochester. Your pipes may have been wrapped during the winter to protect them in freezing weather. It is time for a complete inspection.

Irock Plumbing has several tips for homeowners that will keep your plumbing system in good condition all year while conserving water. The best way to check your plumbing system is to go room-to-room and outside to inspect for any water leaks and related plumbing problems. Plumbing maintenance is necessary for a safe home.

The Bathrooms

Start by checking your bathrooms for water leaks. Look at the plumbing pipes under the sinks and check for excessive moisture in the storage area.

Look for any cracks in the toilet, sink bowls, bathtubs, and showers. Clean out drains that have collected hair and soap deposits.

You may want to remove the shower head and soak it in vinegar overnight to clean it.  You may have a water flush control on the commodes. Make sure they work properly.

Your Kitchen and Laundry Room

Check the water pressure in your sink. If it is low, you may have a leak.

This is another area where you must check under the sink for excess moisture. Make sure your faucets are not leaking. Your dishwashers should work correctly to conserve water and energy. 

Replace any worn hoses on your dishwasher and refrigerator if you have a water and ice maker connection. Tiny leaks can cause significant problems for floors and walls.

You should also check the hoses on your washing machine and the laundry room or garage sink.

Always check the water heater for leaks. You may have it installed in your laundry room or garage. It needs an occasional inspection. You may need to flush it out by draining a few gallons. The temperature should be set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Outdoor Systems

Check any lines and pipes leading to outdoor water sources for leaks. Your outdoor spigots may leak even though you are not aware of them. This type of leak can be costly to your water bill while it wastes water.

All outdoor spigots must shut off without drips. Sprinkler systems must not leak when they are closed. Check any outdoor or garage sinks for drops as well.

Clean out rain gutters and downspouts. Check your main water system valves and make sure there are no leaks.

Spa tub and swimming pool maintenance have special requirements. You should always check for leaks when you prepare your pool and outdoor spa tub for the summer. If the outdoor spa tub is used during the cooler seasons, the pipes and other connections must be checked frequently for leaks.

Basement Sump Pump

The basement is often the first place to check for any water damage. Excessive moisture can lead to mold growth in the floor and walls.

Even if you are on a city sewer system, you may still have a sump pump in your basement to control flooding from snow melt and rain. The sump pump should be cleaned out in the spring. Rochester has summer rains and the sump pump should be in good operating condition to cope with summer storms.

Disconnect the unit and clear the lines from any debris that can obstruct water flow. Reconnect the pump after it is cleaned. It is also smart to check any plumbing lines in the basement area, especially if you have a basement bathroom.

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