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Protect your beautiful cottage over the winter months while you’re weathering the winter in a warmer climate!

Our experienced plumbers will ensure your cottage is ready for the winter and that you don’t come back to find it with water and mold damage.

What We Do

  1. Shut off the main water valve, the water pump, and the water heater. The latter protects the heating elements of your tank.
  2. We will open all drain valves and taps. If all are not opened, it can cause water to stay within your system, which can lead to frozen pipes and water damage.
  3. Our plumber will use a compressor to ensure all water is removed from your system.
  4. If your hot water heater has a holding tank to aid in building pressure, our plumber will ensure it is emptied and add antifreeze.
  5. All toilets will be flushed and, possibly, vacuumed to remove all water. If some water remains, antifreeze will be added.
  6. All sink and tub drains that have drain traps will have antifreeze put into them to prevent freezing.
  7. Check all hose bibs to ensure they are frost-free and are left in the open position.

Included at No Charge

While our plumber is at your cottage, he or she will conduct a complete inspection of your plumbing system. This will include marking shut-off valves, checking their condition, checking your hot water heater for signs of age, looking for leaking pipes, conducting a pressure test, and checking gas lines and fittings (if applicable). He or she will provide you with a quote to correct any issue should you wish to do so…all with no pressure to do them immediately!

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We Also Provide De-Winterization Services!