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Main Sewer Line Problems

Sewer Line Repair Rochester

Every plumbing fixture in your home or business leads to one place: the main sewer line. Given this, it’s rather important! As the main sewer line is buried well below the ground here in Western New York, that means there may be issues with it that you cannot be aware of until it’s too late.

While nearly everyone has dealt with a ‘slow drain’, when there is an issue with the main sewer line, all of your sinks and showers may be impacted as they can all back up simultaneously. Ugh! What to do and what causes this issue?

As mentioned, given that your main sewer line is underground, the most obvious thing that can be causing
you a problem is roots. Particularly in Western New York, where old-growth trees are plentiful, the roots can cause havoc for your main sewer line. The good news? A call to Irock Plumbing can have the issue solved relatively quickly. We would first put a camera down the line to gain an understanding of what the issue is. Once we see the roots (in this example), we will either ‘snake’ or jet the main sewer line clear.

Damaged Main Sewer Line

The main sewer line can be damaged by the ground shifting over time. This can be sped up if there is a new building near you or heavy equipment in your yard. This can also cause small breaks in the line which will allow sediment to enter which can create a problem. Also, depending on the age of the line, it can just get ‘old’. These lines are meant to have a life expectancy of between 80 and 100 years. If you’re home or business is approaching that, we would suggest you have it inspected by a plumber.

A ’Belly’ in the Main Sewer Line

When the main sewer line, over time, shifts, it is called a ‘belly’. Waste will settle in this low section which can build up causing a blockage. If not fixed, this can become a reoccurring issue.

Grease in the Drain

Pouring grease (or any oils) down your drain is a major league no-no! The grease will harden and cause a backup in the line. My grandmother kept an old coffee can near the sink and grease was put in there, allowed to cool, and then safely thrown away. We recommend you do the same (just not in a paper coffee cup!).

Debris in the Main Sewer Line

Your sewer line is designed for liquids and soft solids: nothing else! Keep all larger debris out of your drains. Should, say, your four-year-old son send a GI Joe swimming, Joe will inevitably get caught on something else that is in the line (such as dried grease) and cause you a big headache (yup, my son sent GI Joe to the ‘pool’).

Drain Cleaners

While it’s appealing to think that you can drop a bottle of a chemical that you purchased from your grocery down the drain and solve all of your problems, the truth is this: that chemical may erode some hair in the drain but it also damages your plumbing. Instead, call a professional plumber like Irock Plumbing.

Main Sewer Line Repair or Replacement in Rochester, NY

The professionals at Irock Plumbing are available to solve your main sewer line issues! We will show you the issue via our camera and then explain the best way to solve the issue. That may, depending on the issue, include excavation and replacing the line (or a small part of it in the event of damage). The plumbers at Irock Plumbing will have all of your drains flowing again!